Maltepe Medical Journal - 2011; 3(1) Maltepe Medical Journal - RSS feed of 2011; 3(1) 1300-0705 January 2011 Maltepe Medical Journal 1300-0705 <![CDATA[Intraarterial Computed Tomographic Imaging of Aortic Aneurysms and Peripheral Vascular Disease and Comcomittant Coronary Angiography]]> 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 009 2011-01-01 005 Original Article <![CDATA[Comparison of 0,5% Bupivacain and 0,5% Levobupivacain in Terms of Anesthetic and Hemodynamic Parameters in Spinal Anesthesia for The Peripheral Artery Disease Patients]]> 2 ) values are measured before the spinal anesthesia and noted as the beginning values and datas at 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 and 60 minutes after the spinal anesthesia are noted. Postoperative pain levels are evaluated with visual analog scale (VAS). Results: Statistical evaluations of the demographic characteristics, SpO 2 and VAS values between the two groups are found similar. MAP and HR are found statistically significantly lower in all of the measurement times in both groups but there is no statistically difference between the two groups (p>0,05). The times of the beginning and the reach to the higher dermatomes of the sympathetic, sensorial and motor blockages, decrease and the end times of the motor blockage are found similar in both groups (p>0,05). 2 levels regression times in Group B are found extremely lower than Grop L (p<0,01). Conclusions: It is convinced that levobupivacain is a local anesthetic substance which is safe to use for the peripheral arterial disease patients who have a probability of cardiovascular diseases.]]> 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 014 2011-01-01 010 Original Article <![CDATA[Completion Pneumonectomy in Benign Pulmonary Diseases]]> 1 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 020 2011-01-01 015 Original Article <![CDATA[The Effects of Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity to Pelvic Organ Prolapse in Postmenopausal Women]]> 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 027 2011-01-01 021 Original Article <![CDATA[Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Application Experience: Morbidity and Mortality Ratios. Effect of Body Mass Index]]> 2 . The mean time of duration of the procedure was 750±130 sec. 15 of the patients BMİ was under and nine above the malnutrition level (18.5kg/m 2 ) but the BMİ had no corelation between the duration of the procedure. In only one case wound infection occured and antibiotherapy was needed. During a follow up period of 17.3±9.2 months two patients patients catheter was changed because of malfunction and two patients were able to tolarate oral intake and their catheters were removed. Six patients died because of their primery disease during the follow up. Conclusions: PEG is easy to handle, effective and safe for patients who can not feed orally. From our experience, we confirm the advantages of PEG from classical surgical gastrostomy as a long-term nutritional support showing a low incidence of complications; and zero mortality.]]> 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 030 2011-01-01 028 Original Article <![CDATA[Effects of Colors on Emotion]]> 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 033 2011-01-01 031 Original Article <![CDATA[Mobbing Perception of Research Assistants at Marmara University School of Medicine]]> 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 040 2011-01-01 034 Original Article <![CDATA[Attitudes of Patients in Outpatient Clinics about Claiming Patient Rights]]> 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 053 2011-01-01 041 Original Article <![CDATA[Erythroid Differentiation Inducer, Hemin Inhibits Cyclic AMP Production in K562 Cells]]> 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 058 2011-01-01 054 Original Article <![CDATA[Ovarian Torsion in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy: A Rare Case Report]]> 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 061 2011-01-01 059 Case Report <![CDATA[Intramural Atypical Trophoblastic Tumor Diagnosed by Ultrasound Guided Biopsy]]> 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 064 2011-01-01 062 Case Report <![CDATA[A Case of Silent Choledochal Cyst]]> 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 068 2011-01-01 065 Case Report <![CDATA[A Rare Benign Tumour of The Lung: Alveolar Adenoma]]> 2011-01-01 Maltepe Medical Journal 1 3 070 2011-01-01 069 Case Report